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Heat attractions

Warmth makes you feel safe and calm and on holiday – in a nutshell: good! In addition to the numerous sauna variations, you will find further healthy heat attractions here. 

Alongside the 25 saunas with prevailing temperatures from 38°C to 100°C, there are also infrared treatments in the Spa area & Saunas. Whether you are looking to warm your back individually or "bathe" in infrared on a comfy lounger – each different type of application has its effect and fans. On your way through this "paradise", you will pass Sun Loungers and Sun Dunes, infrared cabins and even our new infrared sauna. 

As a visitor to the Spa area & Saunas, you can also enjoy numerous other free attractions in the Tropical Spa area and VitalityOasis, that warm your whole body and make you simply feel better.




Kapazität:2 people
Highlight:Deep heat
Location:gegenüber Hot Springs
Kapazität:1 person
Highlight:4 different programs
Location:Durchgang Canal Grande gegenüber vom Kelo-Haus
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Kapazität:7 people
Highlight:Infrared warmth over your entire body
Location:beim Paradise Point
Kapazität:23 people
Highlight:Infrared warmth over your entire body
Location:Eingangsbereich Saunaparadies