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Sauna attractions

Taking a sauna is a "hot tip" for improving your health and performance. As a place of respite and inner peace, a visit to the sauna not only boosts the immune system, it has an all-round positive effect on body and mind. The healthy sweating slows aging processes, trains the blood vessels, loosens up tight muscles, helps the body rid itself of toxins and alleviates stress. Regularly visiting a sauna quite simply feels good and is great for your health and beauty!
In the Tropical Spa area there are a classical steam bath and our Blossom Pavilion available to you, where bathing suits have to be worn. After then cooling off with the Kneipp hose or under the shower, large rest and relaxation areas with cosy Relax Loungers and Serenity Shells invite you to forget the world around you for a while. All you need is a towel, a bathrobe, bathing shoes and a generous helping of time. Our VitalityTeam will be happy to give you helpful hints on how to sauna right with your swimsuit on.

Temperatur:45 °C
Highlight:Healthy benefits
Luftfeuchtigkeit:100 %
Where?:Opposite the Kneipp Course
Temperatur:65 - 70 °C
Highlight:Sweating that is easy on your system
Luftfeuchtigkeit:50 %
Where?:Opposite the Fountain of Youth
Kapazität:12 Sitzplätze
Temperatur:25,5 °C
Highlight:Finest salt mist
Luftfeuchtigkeit:53 %
Where?:Opposite the Lounger area