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Vitality Springs

A unique health area has been added at THERME ERDING since September 2008. At 34-36°C and enriched with minerals as found in the Dead Sea, selenium iodine and calcium, three health pools give you the opportunity here to do something really good for your physical wellbeing and beauty.
The medicinal Calcium Pool promotes strong, healthy bones – a special prophylactic against osteoporosis. It stimulates your metabolism and combats muscle cramps and feelings of numbness. Latest scientific tests also show that it has an anti-aging effect.
Selenium is a fountain of youth for mind and body and prevents premature aging of the central nervous system. It enhances the effect of vitamin E in the body and strengthens the immune system. Iodine promotes the blood flow and helps fight high blood pressure. It alleviates arthritic discomforts, reduces age-related immobility and relieves gout and joint problems.
In the Mineral Pool, the salt saturation of around 20% holds you afloat. As well as taking all pressure off your joints, it lowers blood pressure, promotes the flow of blood to you bodily tissue and organs and stimulates your metabolism. The Mineral Pool is particularly recommended for those with rheumatic conditions and circulatory disorders.
The recommended time to spend in each of these pools is 10-15 minutes.

The Vitality Springs are at your disposal until 5:30 pm via the Vitality Oasis. From 6 pm onward, the Vitality Springs can be accessed only without bathing costumes via the Tropical Spa.