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How to sauna

We recommend the following sequence of activities in order to obtain the best results from your sauna experience: 


1. Take a shower to prepare your skin for the sauna, then dry off well before you go in – dry skin sweats faster. 


2.  A warm foot bath further promotes sweating and makes a lot of sense both before and after the sauna. 


3.  Your fist round in the sauna should last about 8 to 12 minutes. Please keep a towel under your entire body, including your feet. Sit or lie down as you prefer – however you feel relaxed. 


4.  If you like, stay for an "Aufguss" (that is when a sauna attendant comes in and pours water on the hot stones in the sauna to release the heat they store and increase the humidity), and then, before you leave, sit upright for a minute or two, to prevent feelings of dizziness that can occur from standing up too quickly. 


5.  Walk around in the fresh air when you leave the sauna. Your body needs oxygen now. 


6.  Then cool off – best of all with a shock of cold water. Make sure you start at your extremities and work your way gradually towards your chest, so as not to overtax your heart. 


7. Then relax in one of our many resting rooms. For a really exclusive and private experience, we recommend our Lounge offers, some of which have their own service packages, which you can book separately. 


8. When you feel like starting a second round, you might want to cool off again – perhaps in one of our plunge pools. 


9. Then repeat this sequence one or even two more times. 


10. A massage between saunas or when you have finished can add to the relaxing effect. 


11. Only outside the sauna itself should you then drink vitalising juices, tea or water to return the lost water to your system. 

Effects of the sauna


The heat in the sauna gets your circulation going and helps your body get rid of toxins. Sweating takes water out of your body, because it tries to cool off using evaporation, but the real purging effect is achieved through the urinary tract. That is why you should drink between visits to the sauna. The temperature in the sauna itself does not play a decisive role on the detoxifying effect. 



A matter of the heart

Sauna visits are good training for your cardiovascular system, and they can even be beneficial if you have heart problems (but only with your doctor's approval). Sauna visits can help cardiac patients overcome the fear of high temperatures, and they are used for this purpose in many rehab clinics. The pulse increases during the warming phase, but not the blood pressure. If you tend towards high blood pressure, regular visits to the sauna can take a load off your heart and blood vessels. Patients with high blood pressure should avoid the plunge pool and use the shower or hose to cool off, and always start at the body's extremities and work your way towards the heart with the cold water. 



Enjoy an Aufguss ceremony

At THERME ERDING our Paradise Guides carry out around 90 free Aufguss ceremonies and wellness activities every day. "Aufguss" is the German word for the practice of pouring aromatic water on the hot stones on the sauna oven, releasing the heat they store and raising the humidity in the sauna. The steam this produces settles on your skin and condenses because it is warmer than your body temperature, and this causes you to sweat even more. This intensive heat stimulation is then taken another level higher by breaking the isolating steam layer over the skin. This we do by twirling a towel or fan to move the air in the sauna. 



The nose knows

Our sense of smell is closely connected to our emotional centres. Adding essential oils to the water used in the Aufguss has an immediate effect on our nervous system and psyche – yet another great benefit of enjoying a sauna. Various aromatic compositions, from stimulating to calming, pamper your senses: oils from citrus plants are uplifting and relieve stress. Oils from eucalyptus, pine and spruce needles have proven benefits for the respiratory tract. High humidity, as prevails in a steam bath, moistens the mucous membranes – our important line of defence against sickness. 



Beautiful and smooth skin

Taking a sauna heightens the blood supply to the skin, rendering it rosy and taut. More nutrients are transported to the skin through the extra blood, and toxins and waste products are removed from the body more quickly. The metabolic processes in the skin are accelerated and the skin's natural regenerative processes are stimulated. And because the skin is particularly receptive to nutrients from outside the body during a visit to the sauna, the various Aufgüsse, like the Salt Aufguss (do not do more than one salt peeling per week) and our facial masks are perfect for supplying your skin with valuable nourishing care. 



Strengthening your immune system

Alternating between hot and cold helps your body prepare for differences in temperature, which can otherwise be tough on your body in everyday life. That is one reason why people who regularly go to the sauna are sick far less often. Also, raising the body's core temperature greatly increases the activity levels of various components of our immune system. 



Our Paradise Guides can provide you with more helpful tips and tricks at any time.