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As soon as you step into the stately wooden dome at the Bali-Beach, you can sense that there is space to breathe here, to let go and be in a state of bliss. Inside this round sauna, the five metre high dome gives you the ability to completely forget your everyday concerns, while offering cozy temperatures of around 70 degrees celcius. The light show in the middle of the dome is just one highlight here: Seven hanging lighting elements immerse the room in magical illumination, while colour-changing lights will revitalize your senses and give you a feeling of space, comfort and relaxation that you won’t find anywhere else. It is no coincidence that the number seven is so prevalent here. Seven is the sum of three and four, consisting of spirit and soul on the one hand and body on the other. Due to the esoteric and exotic background of this mystic symbolism, you can enjoy a diverse relaxation programme in the Kugulus. Experience an oriental tea ceremony, meditative singing-bowl treatments and inspiring fragrances. Wellness fans can perspire and repose to their hearts content here, while ice balls impregnated with ethereal oils are placed on the two ovens to ensure the right temperature and humidity.


In short: Here you can feel good all year ROUND