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Therme Erding_Anti-Stress-Tage
Therme Erding_Anti-Stress-Tage

Anti-stress days

(November to February; Tuesdays & Thursdays, except holidays)


Now it's time to say goodbye to stress: Our extensive supplementary programme with free offers on the subject of meditation, sound or hypnosis promises pure relaxation and gives you time to let go, enjoy and be happy!


November 2018

Harald Küblbeck 


The Hypnotiseur and relaxation coach from Munich, shows ways of the stress reduction and the prevention. Learn to rediscover yourself and recharge your batteries for everyday life. 93% of our thinking and acting take place unconsciously. A basic idea of Hypnose reads: If the will stands against the conception, the conception wins? 
Because the conception works in the unconscious and takes its space there, even this 93%. 



"Hypnopower" (anti-stress prevention)




Sylvia Sperl


It makes sense to give our body the best from inside and outside, which keeps it healthy and fit in every situation. From nutrition to deep relaxation of body and mind through Tibetan gong and singing bowl meditation, Silvia Sperl shows with a holistic approach ways of the hectic time to do justice and create an ideal balance. 



"Magic Tibet" (Gong and singing bowl meditation)
"Sounds of Meditation"
"Tibetan sound journey" (deep relaxation)

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