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Therme Erding_Anti-Stress-Tage
Therme Erding_Anti-Stress-Tage

anti-stress days

(November to February; Tuesdays & Thursdays, outside the holidays)


Now it's time to say goodbye to stress: Our extensive supplementary program with free offers on the subject of meditation, sound or hypnosis promises pure relaxation and gives you time to let go, enjoy and be happy!


The experienced systemic Coach and Hypnosetherapeut accompanies humans in its practice in Munich on their individual way from an often loading life situation to their goal, a positive future. An essential element of the accompaniment are hypnotic dream journeys through which the clients learn to recharge their energy stores, achieve a stable emotional balance, become more relaxed, take the helm again and train and strengthen their psychological resistance. Experience how easy it is to effectively arm yourself against the adversities of everyday life.


December 2018

Mario Emmer



Silence (Fantasy trip)
Discard ballast (dream journey)
Happy Feelings (dream journey)




Sandra Pfaller & Team

Joy of life - freedom - grounding - strength - love. All this and much more can be felt and discovered with IKYA Meditation™. With the wonderful exercises stress is diminished and each cell with pure life energy is activated. After the slogan raus from the head, purely into the body, purely into the feeling - and on into the life can be recognized effectively and with very much fun the own self. 



Heart power (guided meditation)
Magic of Light (guided meditation)
Hot IKYA (IKYA meditation in the sauna)

VitalityOasis and Spa area & Saunas
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