Anti-stress-days February

Therme Erding_anti-stress-days
Therme Erding_anti-stress-days

Anti-stress days

(November to February; Tuesdays & Thursdays, outside the holidays)


Now it's time to say goodbye to stress: Our extensive additional programme with free offers on the subject of meditation, sound or hypnosis promises pure relaxation and gives you time to let go, enjoy and be happy!


February 2019


Bianca Maria Wedel


Deep relaxation & energy field strengthening holistic feel and enjoy with all senses. Bianca Maria Wedel, trained Aura consultant & course instructor for relaxation & meditation accompanies you lovingly with crystal sound & meditation journeys to your inner source of harmony and serenity. Immerse yourself in the wonderful feeling of simply being allowed to be - as you are!



Power Animal Safari (Fantasy Journey)
Fire of Africa (solar meditation)
African Meditation (Sound Consciousness Journey)




Manfred Jobst


Through a guided story one is sent on a mental journey, on which one can refuel energy, collect new impressions and find solutions for different problems. Some journeys serve purely for relaxation and cheering up, others again for support and assistance, with depressions, fear conditions and deep exhaustion.



Shamanic Journey
Drum Journey

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