Austria Day

On Saturday, 26 October 2019, the Therme Erding will be celebrating its "Red-White-Red under Palm Trees" and the Austrian National Day! On this day, Ausserferner, Weinviertler, Wäldler, Innviertler Flachgauer and all the other members of the region in the Land of the Piefke can really enjoy themselves - after all, the Erding Spa is located in Upper Bavaria!


A varied feel-good programme with spicy herbal infusions and nurturing hair treatments (in the VitalOase, from 16 years of age), thematically coordinated aqua courses as well as nurturing face masks pampers the guests on this day imperially.


Fortunately, we don't need imperial weather for this - because in the comfortably warm thermal healing water or in one of the numerous saunas, you will certainly warm up your heart. For dashing entertainment and a cosy atmosphere, grippy live music on the thermal spa peninsula. With a hoppy wheat beer or a refreshing cocktail in your hand, our favourite neighbours can simply let themselves be pampered and enjoy their holiday to the full.


Further activities around the country in the heart of the Alps round off the theme day and radiate an Austrian attitude to life in the middle of an exotic holiday paradise. Well then - Servas, Bussi and Baba wishes the Therme Erding!

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