Bayern 3 Beachparty

Get ready for an extravaganza in the Therme Erding !!  Top summer hits, super live acts, guest star Alle Farben, cool DJs and a non-stop south-sea feeling awaits you at our Bayern 3 Beach party on the 21st and 22nd of July.


On Saturday, the well-known DJs Badetasche (Beachbag), as well as DJ and production Duo Younotus, from Berlin, will entertain you with the coolest beats. They will be on-stage by the outside pool.


The highlight on Saturday, is our guest star Alle Farben, who has earned international fame with hits like “Please tell Rosie”, Bad Ideas” and “Little Hollywood”.  The Berliner has performed all around the world as a DJ, and, therefore, is far from a newcomer.  He is a permanent feature of the club scene: from New York to Bangkok, Paris to Kuala Lumpur.  And on the 21st of July Alle Farben will perform live at Therme Erding.


On Sunday singer Lotte will perform her powerful hit “Auf beiden Beinen”, and DJ Tonic will keep the summer party atmosphere going.


Whether sitting at the bar with a cocktail in hand, relaxing in one of the bubbling pools, or sunbathing on a lounger in the Therme garden, you will be guaranteed an up-close experience with exceptional musicians.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy our Beach Party, with its varied entertainment and guaranteed fun.  


Secure your place at the Beach Party, by visiting our Online shop where you can purchase 2 Limited Edition tickets for the day of  your choosing.  Also included, as a “thank you”, is a voucher for a free cocktail.

Wave Pool
21.07.2018 until
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