Crime Sundays

Tatort Sauna is the motto for all thriller fans on the two Sundays 21 & 28 July in the sauna area (from 16 years) of the Therme Erding.


Become an investigator and search for clues. Was it the gardener? Or the butler? There are many suspects! But do you also have the right nose and find out who the perpetrator is? Puzzle along, take a close look at the crime scene and collect evidence. In a total of three scenes, the sauna becomes a theatre stage. We invite you to "Crime in the Sauna" - excitement and thrills are guaranteed and a crime scene that has never existed before!


You will receive tokens for the crime thriller infusions directly at Paradise Point on the days of the event.


And if you like even more action, you can look forward to show infusions like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Godfather or Columbo. So this event promises good entertainment and an exciting day at the Therme Erding!

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