Long Spa World Night Fairytales mit Stargast Martina Eisenreich

Therme Erding Lange Thermenwelt Fairytales
Therme Erding Lange Thermenwelt Fairytales

Bathing and sauna until 1 a.m.! Once upon a time... there was a long Spa World Night on 6 April under the motto: "Fairytales". Dream your way through a fairytale-like programme and experience the magic of the nocturnal thermal worlds.


For the 12th anniversary of the new Spa Area & Saunas Martina Eisenreich and her quintet will take you on a musical fairytale journey. Experience this extraordinary concert experience with the exceptional musician and composer, who was awarded the German Film Music Prize in 2018.

As further highlights you can admire elf-like artistry on our show stage or cheer strap artist Chris Kiliano alias Peter Pan on his acrobatic flight through the sauna hall. It becomes magical when Sebastian Nicolas (The Illusionists) manipulates time and mind with his award-winning show.


Atmospheric live music also enchants bathers at the large Spa pool from 6 p.m. onwards. When the palm-fringed pool sparkles in magical light and soft harp sounds spoil the ears, you will come wonderfully to rest. 

With our imaginative feel-good programme, old myths, stories and fairy tales come to life: With lovely fragrances, inspiring aroma infusions (e.g. "Sleeping Beauty Sleep") and soothing masks for skin and hair (e.g. "Rapunzel Cure", "In the Land of Cockaigne") we pamper our guests in the textile-free Spa Area & Saunas as well as in the VitalityOasis. Enjoy your short holiday in an exotic fairytale landscape full of elves and fairies and let yourself be enchanted by "Fairytales" until 1 am.


Tropical Spa, VitalityOasis and Spa area & Saunas
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