Therme Erding Mermaid Aqua Fit
Therme Erding Mermaid Aqua Fit
Therme Erding Mermaid Aqua Fit

Mermaid Aqua Fit - Trial workout

Dive away from everyday stress as a mermaid? Come and visit us: Test the sporty existence as a mermaid under real palm trees at the Therme Erding, on three action days free of charge* and without any obligation! Take part in our exclusive Mermaid Aqua Workout!


Moving around in the water with the mermaid fin, swimming and diving elegantly is not only great fun - it also trains your stomach, arms and bottom! And for the ultimate workout effect, pool noodles and aqua dumbbells are also used for strengthening whole-body exercises!


*Included in every booked day- or hourly rate of the Therme Erding


Become a mermaid in a 30-minute fun workout:

Action days on

22.03.2020 // 29.03.2020 // 05.04.2020

When: 11.45 am to 12.15 pm // 12.45 pm to 1.15 pm

Where: In the large thermal pool



  • How do I move with a mermaid fin?
  • Mermaid Aqua Fit with the mermaid fin (exercises with pool noodles and aqua dumbbells, in the water and at the pool edge)
  • Learning the basic swimming technique with the mermaid fin


A trial day isn't enough for you? You want to become a mermaid regularly and to perfect your style?

Then book our exclusive Mermaid Aquafit course now.

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22.03.2020 until
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