Therme Erding Sonnwendfeier
Therme Erding Sonnwendfeier

Summer solstice celebration in Stonehenge, Celtic, 21 June 2018


The Spa Area & Sauna celebrates the longest day of the year, the summer solstice on 21 June. In the faithful replica of the mysterious and legendary Stonehenge, "Alban Heffyn", the longest day of the sun and at the same time the festival of joy and thanks was celebrated. Thousands of years ago, special customs and rites were carried out to bring health and strength to the Celts.


On this day, the special infusions in the Celtic throne sauna are all about seasonal herbs and fruits, as is the herbal fairy, who binds small bouquets of various healing plants to take away. As further highlights the guests may look forward to mystical harp music and dare with an astrologer the view into the stars.

Spa Area & Sauna
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