Virtual-Reality snorkeling

Therme Erding_VR_Schnorcheln
Therme Erding_VR_Schnorcheln

Experience in the THERME ERDING "DIVR", the world's first virtual reality snorkeling attraction - an experience for all senses!


Impressive coral reefs where tropical schools of fish and jellyfish cavort, huge manta rays with a span of several metres and whale families whose singing gives goose bumps...


After more than 90,000 visitors have been thrilled by the slide with virtual reality glasses in the GALAXY ERDING, a new era of virtual reality technology begins with the VR snorkling in the wave pool outdoor pool.


Let us take you on an exciting voyage of discovery through breathtaking coral reefs, shipwrecks and unearthed underwater caves and experience exotic places in your home regions. Swim with turtles, colorful fish, hammerhead sharks and giant whales as you listen to the soothing sounds of the sea. Explore a world previously only explored at remote dive sites. Here you will feel free and weightless, lose your sense of space and time and get to know an unknown environment that seems endless.



This is how it works:


Hold by a swimming belt, you float on the water surface of the spacious outdoor pool and carry a snorkel set with virtual reality function and in-ear system. The VR expedition unfolds its full effect as you immerse yourself in the water: wearing virtual reality goggles allows you to enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the fascinating underwater world.


The patented VR system was developed by Ballast in cooperation with the leading slide manufacturer wiegand.maelzer.



Be one of the first to test VR snorkelling in the outdoor wave pool from 3 to 21 December - only with us, in the THERME ERDING.




On the day of your visit at the BAYWATCH TEAM at the infopoint in the wave pool



MO to FR, 13h to 17h



5 minutes



5 Euro per person


Age restriction:

From 6 years



Number of participants limited: first come - first dive

Wavepool-Outdoor Pool
03.12.2018 until
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