Therme Erding Palm Sponsorship : Therme Erding
Therme Erding Aktuelles Palmenpatenschaft

Therme Erding Palm Sponsorship

On Friday, 14th of September 2018, the Therme Erding solemnly handed over a donation cheque for € 5,000 to the AWO Kinderhaus Märchenmond in Erding.


The donation to the integrative kindergarden with crèche was financed by the Therme Erding from the "Palm Sponsorship" project.


300 real large palm trees adorn the Wave Pool in the world's largest thermal spa and transform the area into an exotic holiday world. For 100 exclusively selected palms both private persons and enterprises - among them many business partners of the hot spring Erding - take over official sponsorships.


A total of €5,000 in proceeds was generated by the palm sponsorship, which is fully donated to the good cause. Marcus Maier, managing director of the Wave Pool in the hot spring Erding: "We had the idea to offer an action similarly as an animal sponsorships in zoos. There it is natural for us to strengthen with the raw proceeds a social project in Erding. Above all the support of families and children is particularly close to our hearts. My thanks go first and foremost to the many sponsors without whose help the project would not have been possible". 


Karin Seibt, chairman of the AWO board and Gizella Foskolos, director of the kindergarden, were very happy about the generous donation and would like to use the money for new toys and handicrafts. In this way, "relaxation and rest corners" are created for the children.


For the future the palm sponsorship is to be continued as only donation project in the hot spring Erding. From the end of 2019, sponsorships can again be acquired via the online shop of the Erding Thermal Baths. The profit comes then again a social project in the district to property.