Octoberfest Wellness : Therme Erding

Octoberfest Wellness

Savings offer!

Get in the mood for the 5th and most beautiful Bavarian season with the Octoberfest Wellness Programme of the Therme Erding! On the occasion of the largest folk festival in the world, our sauna masters have thrown themselves into their traditional costumes for you and get you in the mood for the smell of roasted almonds and Bavarian folk music until 21st of September.
From 22nd of September it will be "O'zapft is"!
Treat yourself to a short break from the hustle and bustle of the marquee between visits to the Oktoberfest in Munich in order to gather new energy for your next visit!
Save 25% on your next visit with our Octoberfest Wellness Ticket incl. free beer.

Lebkuchenherz Therme Erding
Lebkuchenherz Therme Erding
Alpenstadl Therme Erding
Kelosauna Therme Erding
Hopfenkammerl Therme Erding
Zirbelstube Therme Erding

Experience the perfect Octoberfest Wellness Day

Not only for a day at the Oktoberfest you need a proper foundation, but also for an enjoyable sauna day. So why not start your perfect Octoberfest Wellness day with a traditional Bavarian white sausage breakfast in our Veneziano and then plunge into our Octoberfest infusion fun. Your day begins well fortified in one of our two Octoberfest Wellness infusion saunas, the Alpenstadl. A soothing hop mask awaits you in the rustic sauna. The Beauty miracle will make your complexion shine fresh: you are ready for the first Octoberfest day. From the hop mask it's only a short walk to our Hop Chamber, where you can do something good for your back with soothing infrared warmth and enjoy the pleasant scent of the hops hanging from the ceiling.

Afterwards it's time for a free beer! Once you have secured our discounted Wiesn Wellness Ticket (incl. free beer voucher), it is time after the first sauna sessions to redeem your free voucher for a free beer in Veneziano - so the hops can also unfold their beneficial effect from the inside. The festive atmosphere continues with our Angermaier festive infusion in the Kelosauna. But it's not just there that a hearty programme awaits you; our Zirbelstube also offers the perfect setting for the Octoberfest with our Men only or Women only. Several times a day women and men can refresh themselves here while sweating with an Erdinger alcohol-free. Between the hot Octoberfest infusions, it's good to cool off a bit: Venture into the cool plunge pool and start the Octoberfest season refreshed!

Your girls wellness day

Take advantage of our savings offer and get ready with your best friends for the Octoberfest start! A soothing hop mask makes your complexion and décolleté shine fresh and a walk through the Kneipp basin stimulates the blood circulation in your legs, so you are ready for a long Octoberfest day in high heels. Your Octoberfest Wellness Day is perfectly rounded off with a noble champagne scent at the "Schickeria Aufguss" in the Alpenstadl and the sweet smell of roasted almonds at the "Angermaier Festaufguss"!

Our recommendations:

  • 12:15 Hop mask in the Alpenstadl
  • 15:15 Schickeria champagne infusion in Alpenstadl
  • 17:00 Women only in the Zirbelstube
  • 20:30 Angermaier infusion in the Kelosauna


Your men time-out

Also for a wellness day among men our Octoberfest Wellness Program offers the perfect conditions: Experience the Bavarian rustic atmosphere with our "Erdinger beer infusion" in the Alpenstadl and then toast with your buddies with a cool non-alcoholic beer. In between, you can show each other your courage when it comes to who dares to be the first to jump into the cold plunge pool. Your time out among men will be rounded off with soothing infrared warmth in the hop chamber.

Our recommendations:

  • 13:15 Erdinger beer infusion in the Alpenstadl
  • 16:00 Men Only at the Zirbelstube
  • 18:00 Hopfenkammerl


Get our savings offer!

Get our discounted ticket for our Octoberfest Wellness programme now and save 25% on your purchase! The offer includes the 4-hour admission to the Spa Area & Saunas as well as a free beer voucher and can be redeemed until the last Octoberfest day on 07th of October. Get in the mood now for the Octoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world, and spend a few hours at the Octoberfest Wellness Programme in the Therme Erding.

Octoberfest Special
Octoberfest Special