Favourite sauna moments : Therme Erding

Favourite sauna moments

Our sauna world "Spa Area & Saunas" offers a variety of special moments for all wellness lovers aged 16 and over. In 27 themed saunas you forget the time & experience the here and now - no matter whether you are a fan of entertainment or prefer relaxing peace. This applies both to visitors and to employees, who experience numerous favourite moments every day.


Because our "Paradise Guides" carry out their activities with so much passion that they inspire the guests and together with them ensure unforgettable moments that will always be remembered. Accompany our sauna masters on their journey through the diverse sauna world and discover your personal favourite moment.


Moments of joy

In accordance with Russian traditions, guests will be carried away by the "Wenik infusion" in the largest wood cabin banja worldwide.


Moments of joy arise when our sauna masters Susann and Marty prove their high performance and swing their junipers to the beat of the music and the clapping of the guests. Their dynamic technique, together with the scent of Swiss stone pine wood and the aroma of birch suds, draws pleasant warmth through the room. With birch tassels Marty distributes the brew lively over the saunaists, who are enthusiastic about the unique performance. This is more than just an infusion!

Relaxing sauna moments

Lovers of peace and quiet will find their favourite moment in the new modern "Seesauna" during a specially produced fragrance journey. 


The thoughts of the guests go on a journey over mountains, meadows and lakes. Meanwhile, our guides Eva and Anna gracefully accompany the scenes with matching scents. Their dancing movements with white fans radiate perfect lightness. Our guides enjoy the moment as much as their guests do. A really beautiful and meditative moment in our sauna world, where you find to yourself. 

Eventful sauna moments

For fans of heat & warmth, the mystical Celtic throne sauna is the perfect place.


Under its imposing high dome, an infusion is staged with one or even two large flags, with a courageous guest enthroned at a height of 3 m - that promises a hot sweating experience! Sauna master Mathias comes up with a royal story and you can really see the joy in his eyes while he spreads the warmth with strong flag swings. His wink promises: "Now the blood circulation is going to get started". And the guests of the sauna thank the commitment with a strong applause.

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See for yourself how diverse our sauna world can be! Let yourself be inspired by the infusions of our Paradise Guides and experience your personal favourite moment. You can create your perfect wellness day individually from our wide-ranging daily programme with around 90 daily free offers. Get your admission vouchers to our sauna world now and use them for yourself or give away unforgettable moments to your loved ones.