Fit into the winter with our tips for a strong immune system

A well-trained immune system is of great importance right now, because it contributes positively to keeping healthy and fit during the cold season. So that you can come through the cold winter days in a relaxed and lively manner until the reopening of the Therme Erding, we will give you helpful tips on how you can strengthen your immune defenses easily from home.

Wellness at home

So that you don't miss our beneficial wellness offers too much during this time, we provide you with numerous health-promoting tips for your personal wellness program at home.

Lemon-sugar peeling

The peeling stimulates the circulation and promotes blood flow. With our fragrant peeling recipe, you can bring soothing wellness moments home and escape the gray winter days. To do this, simply add the following ingredients in a blender:

1 lemon
300g sugar
40g coconut oil
30g oil (olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil)
Lavender flowers to decorate

Salt peeling

In our salt stone room or brine gallery, a stimulating salt peeling is rubbed in several times a day to stimulate circulation. Alternatively, you can also produce a salt peeling at home and stimulate your blood circulation. You only need a few ingredients:

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons of salt (coarse or fine, depending on the skin zone)
For the fragrance at will a few drops of essential oil
A small bowl

Infusion aromas

Woody or eucalyptus-containing infusion aromas enhance the effect of "breathing through" and have been proven to be effective for respiratory problems, among other things. In the Finnenstube or the Kelosauna, these fragrances are infused several times a day. For a similar effect at home, you can use essential scented oils, which envelop you comfortably on wet and cold winter days and reduce stress.

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Temperature stimuli

Alternating between hot and cold stimulates the blood circulation, which puts more strain on the vessels and keeps them more elastic. In addition, the body learns to adapt more easily to different temperatures by regularly alternating between hot and cold, and to avoid heat loss in cool outside weather.

Freshness kick

After the sauna, a jump into the cold plunge pool at the natural lake or under the cooling water masses of the Calla Cascades gets the circulation going. To do something to strengthen the circulation at home, we recommend regular alternating showers.  

Important: Always refresh away from the heart! (i.e. first legs, arms and last the whole upper body)

Alternating baths

The change from warm to cold also works wonderfully with Kneipp treatments such as the Kneipp stream or Kneipp course. Alternatively, the same effect can be achieved at home with an alternating cold and warm footbath to strengthen the immune system.

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Stress reduction is an important component to stay healthy and helps to actively strengthen the immune system. Our various relaxation methods, which we usually offer daily for our guests, such as the meditative singing bowl ceremony, help you to really relax and let go and promote peace and recovery. With our tips, a meditation can also be done at home, provides mental relaxation and thus contributes to mental as well as physical health.

Meditation with music

If you love quiet music and are easily carried away by soft sounds, this could be the right meditation exercise for you. Just concentrate on what you hear and sing along in your mind. Then disturbing thoughts have less room to impose themselves on you.

Walking meditation for home

Some people get nervous if they sit too long. If you are one of them, walking meditation, for example, could be the right exercise for you. You don't need a lot of space for this, you can just walk up and down in your apartment. You do not pay attention to your surroundings anyway, but concentrate fully on your body.

Breathe correctly

Most people breathe too shallow, too fast, too unconsciously. Those who breathe only a few times per minute, fill their lungs and diaphragm and expel all the air again, become more relaxed, stimulate the internal organs, improve blood circulation, immune defenses, digestion - and start meditating all by themselves.

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Healthy & balanced diet

The be-all and end-all for a healthy immune system is sufficient fluid intake and a balanced diet with certain vitamins and minerals.

Drink enough

Drink at least 1.5 l a day to provide the mucous membranes and skin with sufficient moisture and to build a barrier against bacteria and viruses. Besides water, a ginger spritzer, for example, which is available at our restaurants Culinarium or Veneziano, provides variety. The drink contains the wonder weapon ginger and lots of vitamin C in the form of lime & lemon. You can find the recipe for the ginger spritzer to copy here:


    1. Peel a piece of ginger with a knife and grate it into a jug with a fine grater.

    2. Fill it up with 100 ml lemon juice and 400 ml drinking water and let it stand for half an hour.

    3. As decoration you can use fresh mint, lemon - and lime slices.

Vitamin-rich food

Fruits and vegetables contain a combination of vitamins and secondary plant substances that the body can process well. Crunchy salads and fruit can be found in almost all gastronomies in the spa world. Vegetables from the wok can be found, for example, in the Thai KAIMUG cookshop.

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Further tips

The warm heating air in autumn and winter dries out the mucous membranes and makes them more susceptible to cold viruses. Therefore, it is now all the more important to take regular exercise in the fresh air. In addition, every kind of exercise trains the muscles and boosts the cardiovascular system.


Our daily program offers a wide range of fitness activities, whether water gymnastics, Hydro Power or Family Fit, during these workouts our guests can really work themselves out to rousing music. Until the reopening, you can also keep fit from home with our home workout videos.

Fresh air

After a wellness program at home, walks in the fresh air are recommended. The fresh air is a blessing for your immune system, because now all pores are well dilated and the whole body is receptive for the oxygen freshness kick.

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