Octoberfest Wellness : Therme Erding

Octoberfest Wellness

Therme Erding Octoberfest Wellness
Therme Erding Octoberfest Wellness

Sauna the Bavarian way

Until 06th of October the sauna masters will once again be swinging the towel in "Dirndl" and "Lederhosn" and heralding the sauna season with hearty experience infusions. 

Discover the Octoberfest Infusion Specials and experience sauna in the Bavarian way!

With our Octoberfest Wellness Ticket you save an additional 15 % on the regular admission price. Included in the price is a 4-hour admission to the Thermenwelt (incl. all areas).


Our Octoberfest Infusion Specials

Therme Erding Schickeria Aufguss

Schickeria Aufguss

A noble champagne scent flows through the Alpenstadl at the "Schickeria Aufguss". Our girls pour here pompously from a gigantic champagne bottle on and distribute the smell stylishly with a fan in the sauna. After the infusion, a chocolate heart is awarded to the guests as a sweet pampering!

85 °C
Infusion with Champagner Scent
Therme Erding Kelosauna

Angermaier Festaufguss

At the "Angermaier Festaufguss" the delicious sweet scent of gingerbread, roasted almonds and other delicacies awaits you. To atmospheric Octoberfest Hits our sauna masters heat up here with the Bavarian blue-white chequered sauna cloth.

85 °C
sweet Octoberfest scents
Therme Erding Erdinger Bieraufguss

Erdinger Bieraufguss

Beer fans watch out! With the "Erdinger Bieraufguss" is infused with original beer of "Erdinger Weißbräu". The beer provides a spicy hops scent, which is then waved through the sauna with the sauna towel.

Ort: Alpenstadl
85 °C
Infusion with beer of Erdinger Weißbräu
Therme Erding Women Only
Therme Erding Men Only

Women-only & Men-only

You can take a sauna in a Bavarian atmosphere all year round at the Women's or Men's Only in the Zirbelstube. In the rustic sauna man or woman sweats to Bavarian folk music and can enjoy a cool Erdinger alcohol-free. In this hearty tavern atmosphere, you can of course also chat with your neighbours or play cards!

55 °C
cool Erdinger Alkoholfrei
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Offer of the month

Secure our Wiesn Wellness Ticket only for a short time and save 15 % on the regular admission price to our sauna world! With our limited special ticket, you can also experience atmospheric Octoberfest infusion specials every day until the 06th of October. Alternatively, you can put together your individual wellness day from our regular infusion programme. Both are only available for a short time at a special rate!