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Wiesn Wellness at Therme Erding

In September we can finally say again "Aufgoss'n is" at Therme Erding. The 5th season begins in Bavaria and we can hardly wait to see our sauna masters in their traditional costumes. 


All those who can't get enough of the Wiesn feeling will get their money's worth in the textile VitalityOasis (from 16 years) and in the textile-free SpaArea & Saunas (from 16 years). Our infusion masters will ring in the sauna season with hearty infusions in traditional Angermaier costumes and will set the mood with the most popular Wiesn hits.


In September, let yourself be pampered by our varied infusion program under the motto "Wiesn Wellness" and experience the Bavarian way of life in the middle of the largest thermal spa in the world!


Spa Areas & Saunas (textil free, from 16 years)

Discover the infusion highlights in our sauna paradise.

Schickeria infusion

The fruity scent of citrus permeates the air and invites you to be in a good mood during the infusion! The sauna masters wave rhythmically to the beat of the most popular Wiesn hits.

Citrus Sauna
75 °C
Sweet treat
1:30 pm / 7:30 pm

Erdinger Urweisse

Beer fans watch out! This beer infusion is infused with original "Erdinger Urweisse". The typical white beer nuances of ripe banana and clove spread deliciously through our Bavarian decorated Alpenstadl.

85 °C
Infusion with beer of Erdinger Weißbräu
11:30 am / 8:30 pm


Take advantage of our hearty mask dispensing in the geyser cave (60°C) before hops and malt are lost. The hop mask makes your complexion shine.

Geysir Cave
60 °C
Mask output
12:45 pm / 2:45 pm / 4:45 pm / 6:45 pm / 8:45 pm

O'gschwitzt is!

Aufgoss'n is in the meditation sauna! The scent of the white chocolate mask is almost to bite.

Meditation Sauna
70 °C
infusion & mask output
12 am / 3 pm / 5 pm

Angermaier Festaufguss

During the "Angermaier Festaufguss", our sauna masters in lederhosen and dirndl heat you up with atmospheric Wiesn hits.

Kelo Sauna
95 °C
2:30 pm

WiesnNuss Genuss

Roasted almonds and candied nut kernels are delicious nibbles during the Wiesn. The mask edition "WiesnNuss Genuss" is almost to bite with the scent of the magic nut.

85 °C
10:45 am / 2:45 pm / 6:45 pm
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VitalityOasis (textile, from 16 years)

Bin koa Noagerlzuzler!*

Sweat at 75°C and refresh yourself afterwards with a cool wheat beer lemon sorbet!

*No leftover drinker (no one who pours together stale beer leftovers and drinks them up).

Meditation House
75 °C
11:15 am

Mehr sandeln, weniger granteln!*

Come to rest with pleasure in our meditation house and care for your skin with our salt peeling.

*Laze more, grumble less (Keep calm, chill a bit).

Meditation House
75 °C
salt peeling
1:15 pm

G'mahde Wiesn*

After a hot sauna session, a refreshing herbal lemonade comes in handy!

*Mowed meadow (an easy task, a surefire thing).

Meditation House
75 °C
refreshing herbal lemonade
3:15 pm

Siaßer Breznsoizer*

*Sweet Pretzel Salt (a good-for-nothing who is only given unnecessary tasks).

Meditation House
75 °C
Sweet Pretzels
5:15 pm

Skandal um Rosi*

*refers to the well-known Wiesn hit " Skandal im Sperrbezirk" by the Spider Murphy Gang

Meditation House
75 °C
nourishing rose face cream
7:15 pm

Oana geht no ... *

*One more goes in (drinking toast, cheers, one more schnapps goes in)

Meditation House
75 °C
Menthol & Crushed Ice
9:15 pm
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Wiesn Wellness Ticket

As a special treat, a great savings offer awaits you in our online store in September! Secure our limited Wiesn Wellness Ticket* for a short time only and save up to 15% on your next visit to the Spa Area & Saunas (textile-free, from 16 years).

*The 6-hour ticket is only available in the Therme Erding online store. Redeemable up to and including 30.09.2023. Plus 5€ Sat./Sun./Bayr. vacation & public vacation surcharge.