Journey for the Senses : Therme Erding

Journey for the Senses

In the relaxation room "Sinnesreise" is the name program! See, feel and hear - here you send your senses on a joyride:


Feel the energy of light and colours in the four coloured light rooms and experience the individual effect on your body. Red motivates, blue calms, green relaxes and white invigorates the organism. Where is your feel-good factor greatest?


The little warm clouds that float above comfortable loungers and invite you to take a little break under soothing infrared light are popular with young and old alike. Warmth flows through the body, while gentle relaxation music pampers the ears. In addition, infrared back radiators are also available for a deeply effective application of heat while sitting. Muscle tensions can be solved thereby effectively. 


Wellness from head to toe! Put your flip-flops aside and discover the foot reflex parcours of Full Balance. Barefoot you will be guided through six vital areas of your body. By entering and loading specifically arranged stones, different reflex zones are stimulated and your self-healing powers are activated. 


The "sensory journey" is your ideal resting area to forget everyday life and gather new energy.