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Healing thermal water

Feel the healing effects of the 26°C to 34°C sulphur and fluoride-enriched spring water from the 2,350 metre-deep Ardeo spring and enjoy the lasting benefits of bathing in it on a regular basis. This state-approved healing thermal water feeds into all the pools of THERME ERDING in varying concentrations. Relax and treat yourself to something special – this is exactly the right place for it! The unique Vitality Springs in the VitalityOasis feed your organism with valuable minerals, while the therapeutic Sulphur Pot promotes lasting vitality and good health. 

Temperatur:34 °C
Size:185 m²
Water:Healing thermal water
Temperatur:34 - 36 °C
Highlight:Three different pools
Size:86 m²
Water:Healing thermal water with minerals as found in the Dead Sea, calcium and selenium iodine
Temperatur:40 - 42 °C
Highlight:Star-shaped bench
Size:30 m²
Water:Healing thermal water with high sulphur saturation