Further attractions : Therme Erding

Further attractions

The healthy wellness experience of sauna, bathing, and resting is complemented with infrared and heat treatments on our free sun dunes in the lobby area of the Sauna Landscape. You can also enjoy these on the sun loungers with a view of the Vitality Pool or in one of our three infrared cabins. For an additional charge, the heat lounger “Konturensonne” – located on the basement level near the Solarium – supports weight reduction through the effects of a 20-minute, passive metabolism training. Or enjoy holistic deep relaxation with the aid of light and water pressure on the above-water massage “Wellsystem_SPA” in the vestibule next to the grand infusion programme.

Spa area & Saunas

(textile-free Spa & Sauna area, for guests over 16)