Rest areas : Therme Erding

Rest areas

All over our Sauna World, you will discover themed rest areas for your individual recovery after your sauna visit. Lounge areas planted with exotic fauna like the Garten Eden, or the Panorama Loungers around the Vitality Pool put you in mind of holiday resorts in exotic locations. The Alhambra or Stonehenge resting rooms take you away to a different world.  Loungers in all shapes and sizes are available behind the bright glass façade or in the garden. Salas for dreaming are located right on the lake. Enclosed rooms like those of the Elementarium, the Blue Salon, the Fireplace Room, and the Yin and Yang offer cosy refuge, as do the 34 suites of the Royal Day Spa Lounge & Dreams. In the lounge area, you can book a lounger or private suite with extra service arrangement for your day. 

Spa Area & Saunas

(textile-free Spa & Sauna area, for guests over 16)