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Camping at the holiday paradise

Just opposite the THERME ERDING parking building there are 55 paved parking spaces for camper vans, offered by a partner company.  

The owner and operator of the Wohnmobilpark Erding caravan park is Klaus Gerst. The park is state of the art, with a waste disposal station, electricity and water connections, garbage collection and a WC building.

The parking space is open all hours and subject to a fee, which you can pay simply and easily at the automatic ticket vending machine.



 1 day       €10

 2 days     €20

 3 days     €28

 4 days     €37

 5 days     €46

 6 days     €54

 7 days     €62


Owner and operator of the Erding caravan park:

Klaus Gerst  |  Ziegelstatt 1  |  85435 Erding  |  Tel.: 08122 / 999 7673  |  Fax: 08122 / 903 977  |  www.wohnmobilpark-erding.de

You can buy fresh products such as milk, eggs, cheese and butter from the nearby farmyard. The bakery in the Galeria of THERME ERDING has fresh baked products available daily from 8 am to 9 pm.



You can also buy the following products in the Galeria of THERME ERDING:

Bathing costumes, gifts and more in the "Gruber Badhaus" (10 am to 8 pm)

Soaps, body lotion and many other Kneipp products in the "Kneipp Shop" (10 am to 8 pm, Su. 11:15 am to 5 pm)