Online reservation Therme Erding

For your stay at Therme Erding, we strongly recommend that you make a prior online reservation for a check-in time slot or a lounge at busy times such as weekends, vacations and public vacations (please also note neighbouring countries). Without a reservation, we cannot guarantee admission at these times and you may experience very long waiting times or admission stops.

On weekdays from Monday to Friday you can visit us again without prior reservation. Of course, especially for guests with a longer journey, there is still the option to make an online reservation on these days until the day before. Please note that in rare exceptional cases, even on weekdays from Monday to Friday without a reservation, waiting times or admission stops are to be expected. 


For a day-dated reservation of your stay you have the following options:

  • Reservation of a check-in time slot (not necessary if you reserve a berth or overnight stay at the Hotel Victory/ Victory Guest House).
  • Reservation of a lounger/ lounge
  • Reservation of an overnight stay in the Hotel Victory Therme Erding or in the Victory Guesthouse 

So that you are best prepared for your stay at Therme Erding, we always provide you with the current requirements and information under Important information for your stay. Please read this information carefully. You need a proof of authorisation (3G: vaccinated / recovered / tested) for your visit.


To ensure that you are optimally prepared for your stay at Therme Erding, we always provide you with the current requirements and conditions under Information on visiting the spa. Please read this information carefully. Please note that you need a valid proof of authorisation (vaccinated / recovered / tested) for your visit. 

Reserve check-in time slot

(without Lounger/ Lounge)

Reserve your personal check-in time slot for € 3.90 per person. A reservation is only possible until 23:59 the day before, if capacities are available. We recommend early planning and reservation of your stay.

If you have reserved the entrance to the thermal spa online, please have your booking confirmation in electronic or printed form ready at check-in. Children under 4 years of age can visit Therme Erding without prior reservation.

Tip: If you make a reservation after 5 p.m., you can secure your check-in time slot for as little as €1.90 per person.

The payment of the spa entrance is still on site, you can pay in cash, with EC card or already purchased vouchers. Learn more about our prices & opening hours here.

Reservation of loungers, lounges & suites

Lounges, lounges & suites can still be reserved online via the usual booking systems. If you have reserved a lounger in advance, you will automatically receive guaranteed entrance on the day of your chosen visit. An additional reservation of a spa entrance is not necessary. Please have your reservation confirmation ready at check-in in electronic or printed form, you do not need to fill in a contact person identification form.

Discover more information about our private lounging facilities in our textile areas and the textile-free sauna area.

Guests of the Hotel Victory & Victory Guest House

If you book you are staying at Hotel Victory or Victory Guest House, your entrance to the Therme Erding is guaranteed for the entire journey. An additional online reservation of your entrance is not necessary. For more information about your booking and your stay on board of the Hotel Victory, please click here.