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Ordering Process

How can you change your order?


As soon as the order has been paid for and the order has been completed, the order cannot be changed.

If you have not yet completed your order, you can change or update your product selection at any time in the shopping basket. You can also change your personal address data before you pay for the order.

If a change should nevertheless be necessary after completion of the order, please contact us directly by e-mail at gutscheine@therme-erding.de to cancel your order. After the cancellation, you can re-submit your order.


Redeem discount codes


Discount codes can be redeemed during the order process directly in the shopping cart. Click on "Promotion Code" in the shopping cart and enter your discount code (or promotion code) here. With a further click on "Redeem" the amount of your voucher will be credited directly to your order.

Tip: When entering the voucher code, make sure that there are no superfluous spaces. Otherwise your voucher will not be recognized by the system.




Only one discount code can be redeemed per order. Discount codes can only be used once and lose their validity after completion of the order. Please note that you can only redeem discount codes before completing the order process. A subsequent settlement with the order amount is not possible. Promotion & action codes refer to special promotions, such as Valentines or Christmas promotions. Promotion codes can be linked to certain characteristics, such as minimum order value or validity period. You should therefore check whether the voucher is still valid when you enter the code. Once the promotion has expired, there is no further entitlement to the service. Each promotion code has its own individual code. Enter this code as usual in the shopping cart in the "Promotion code" field. It is important that you click on the "Redeem" button after entering the code. Otherwise your discount code will not be deducted from your order.


Our valid shipping flat rates amount to:


4,50 € standard shipping (D/EU/worldwide)

1,90 € system fee for online vouchers Print@Home


Further topics:           

The discount code is not recognized by the system. What can you do?


If a discount code is not recognized by the system, please check first whether you have entered the correct code. Other reasons could be that the validity has been exceeded, the minimum order value has not been reached or a space has crept into the discount code. If none of these reasons apply, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].


Can a discount code still be redeemed after the order has been placed?


Discount codes can only be redeemed before the completion of the order process. Subsequent redemption is no longer possible.