Thermal Bathing & Cooling down

Bathing in the 26°C to 38°C spring waters of our thermal springs, you will feel the health-promoting effects on your body. Our state-approved thermal water containing sulphur and iodine, welling up from the Ardeo Spring 2,350 m below ground, is fed into nearly all of the pools at Therme Erding at varying concentrations. Get some great exercise in the Canal Grande, let our guides gently move you through the knee-deep waters of the Meditation pool, or enjoy the intensive mineral treatment of a soak in one of our Sulphur Tubs. Add a cocktail at the pool bar of the big Spa Pool, a soothing water back massage, or sunbathing in a bubbling lounger under the retractable glass domes - thermal bathing can be so wonderful!


Surrounded by hundreds of southern palms, the champagne pool invites you to linger - pearl bath bubbles and massage loungers intensify your bathing pleasure. Enjoy a cool drink at the pool bar or swim in the outdoor pool with lake view. In summer you can also swim indoors under the open sky, when the huge, light-flooded glass dome above the pool is opened.

Poolbar door and outdoor
34 °C
808 m²
Thermal healing water

Canal Grande

For all those who like to train their body gently while swimming, there is also a swimming pool in the faithful replica of the private palace of the Doge of Venice. With its pleasantly tempered thermal healing water and a length of 20m, it provides ideal variety and refreshment between sauna sessions.

Cooling basins
26 - 28 °C
146 m²
Thermal healing water
Therme Erding Meditationsbecken

Meditation pool

The elegant meditation pool is located indoors opposite the large Vitalitypool. With relaxed music it invites you to meditative relaxation. You can let go completely with the free Aqua Balance units offered several times a day and float gently on pool noodles in the warm thermal healing water.

Aqua Balance
34 °C
53 m²
Thermal healing water

Calla Cascades

An elegant shower experience awaits you in the Calla Cascades: From the oversized calyxes of the Calla flowers, 300 litres of cool water fall to the ground every second.

20 °C
Therme Erding Tauchbecken

Plunge Pools

Simply dive can do it in one of our four diving pools. As the last station of your cooling down phase you will get the ultimate freshness kick - a must for trained sauna fans. Two of the 18°C cold baths are embedded in the natural lake.

Cooling off in nature
18 °C
Therme Erding Outdoor-Duschen Stonehenge

Rock Showers Stonehenge

Indulge yourself after a soothing sauna session with a cool refreshment under the outdoor showers at our Stonehenge. As a special highlight, breathtaking light effects await you here at night.

Heiß-Kalt Duschen
blaue & rote Lichteffekte


The terrace pool is currently unavailable due to renovation work. 


This attraction is located from 02 October in the textile VitalityOasis.


In our terrace pool at the Restaurant Culinarium you can relax in the 34°C warm thermal healing water and enjoy bathing under the open sky. Let yourself be gently massaged on the bubble loungers or feel the power of the healing water above the floor bubbler and recharge your batteries.

Bubble loungers
34 °C
120 m²
Thermal healing water

Vitality Basin

The vitality basin is currently unavailable due to renovation work. 


This attraction is located from 02 October in the textile VitalityOasis.


In the vitality basin of the Roman Villa you can enjoy Roman bathing pleasure. The glass roof above the pool can be opened at any time to let the sun or the starry sky shine into the atrium. Enjoy classical underwater music from Klassik Radio on pool noodles or simply relax after a sauna in the vitality basin.

Underwater music
34 °C
88 m²
Thermal healing water
Therme Erding Heiße Quelle

Hot Spring

The Hot Spring is currently unavailable due to renovation work. 


This attraction is located from 02 October in the textile VitalityOasis.


The Hot Spring of the Roman Villa is a whirlpool of a special kind. Located on the front side of the antique area, it offers reclining facilities with headrests and bubble insert. At regular intervals, the water bubbles up in order to ensnarl you pleasantly and to carry your body gently.

Whirlpool with loungers
34 °C
22 m²
Thermal healing water

Vitality Springs

The Vitality Springs is currently unavailable due to renovation work. 


This attraction is located from 02 October in the textile VitalityOasis.


With calcium, selenium-iodine and minerals like in the Dead Sea three different baths offer the possibility to do good for health and beauty and are therefore a real fountain of youth.

Three different healing effects
34 - 36 °C
27 - 32 m²
Thermal healing water with minerals like in the Dead Sea, Selenium-Iodine & Calcium
Therme Erding Stollenduschen

Mine showers

The Mine Showers is currently unavailable due to renovation work. 


The refreshing Mine Showers are available to the heated guests of the warm brine tunnel (65°C) and the Finnish Kelohaus (100°C). Refresh yourself after a hot aroma infusion or gently clean your skin after a stimulating and caring salt infusion under these showers.

Hot-Cold Showers
20 °C
1 of