World debut: Virtual Reality slides

In the Galaxy Slide World you can discover distant galaxies, fabulous celestial worlds or tropical jungle worlds with the help of virtual reality technology.

On the 160 m long tire slide Space Glider, we let the first Water Slide experience with Virtual Reality glasses come true! 

But what happens during the Virtual Reality slide? 

Here you become an actor yourself! While you conquer the rapid up and down stretches of the Space Gliders, you wear VR glasses with 360° panoramic vision. This enables you to perceive a virtual environment live while slipping. 

Feel like an astronaut on his galactic journey through space, float weightlessly through the imaginative Skyworld or explore a tropical jungle world.

Amazement, rays, goose bumps and cries of joy - as soon as you reach the landing pool, great emotions are guaranteed!

The combination of ultra-modern VR technology and water slides is visionary and unprecedented. This new dimension of sliding was created in cooperation with the leading slide manufacturer wiegand.waterrides, the VR professionals from Ballast and Samsung.

All guests from the age of 9 can use the virtual reality slide at the following times: 


Monday - Friday

1 pm - 5 pm

8 pm - 9 pm


Sat/Sun/Bavarian holidays

11 am - 2 pm 

  4 pm - 7 pm





Bullyparade - Der Ride: 3 € per slide

More planets: 2 € per slide


Weight limit: 100 kg

Virtual Reality slides

Let yourself be carried away into the endless vastness of space and test the first water slide experience with virtual reality glasses! Innovative and visionary is the combination of state-of-the-art VR technology and water slides that has never existed before. Immerse yourself in a fascinating space atmosphere and feel like an astronaut on his adventurous journey through the universe.