If you are looking for wellness and relaxation in an asian ambience, our textile spa area is the right place for you from the age of 16. Here you can enjoy the natural effect of our soothing thermal water in all its variations.


The VitalityOasis is particularly suitable for all those who are still sauna beginners and would like to test saunas first of all in the textile area. A further highlight are the healing vital sources, dreamlike resting possibilities and lovingly created fragrance journeys and infusion ceremonies in this area.


Please note that due to the current situation, infusions are made without waving and the available places per sauna are limited to maintain the minimum distance. Currently, for infusion ceremonies in the VitalityOasis (textile, from 16 years), chips are given out in advance for the actions. You can pick them up in advance at the VitalTeam Point and secure your place for the respective infusion.



After Work under palm trees!

Enjoy the evening under the palm trees and save up to 9 € on the admission price with our special ticket.
Those who don't wait for the next short holiday and take a little time out more often live healthier and are more productive. Therefore, relax more often after work with refreshing cocktails in the pool or a massage and recharge your batteries. Whether alone, with your partner or your work colleagues, a relaxing visit to the Therme Erding will give you a refreshed and energized start to your job.