Thermal Spa

Please note that the following offers are currently not available due to renovation work in the VitalityOasis. You can find more information about the closed areas under Revision works


Health and beauty are as unique as they are precious. Our Vitality Springs were created to preserve these treasures. Discover the elixir of youth in the calcium and selenium-iodine baths, float in the mineral baths as if in the Dead Sea, or enjoy open-air healing baths in our wirlpool terraces and in 42 °C sulphur pots, which not only help skin problems, but also rheumatic complaints and joint diseases.


Our Vitalitypool is currently unavailable due to renovation work.

In our 34°C warm thermal water, minerals such as fluoride, potassium, magnesium and calcium pamper your skin and strengthen your bones. Gentle bubble loungers, exotic plants, a splashing waterfall and a pool bar for a short break ensure relaxation and a holiday feeling in the VitalityOasis.

34 °C
185 m²
Thermal healing water

Vitality Springs

Our Vitality Springs are currently unavailable due to renovation work.

Our Vitality Springs act like a fountain of youth on health and beauty. Our three health pools - calcium bath, selenium-iodine bath and mineral pool - strengthen bone density, stimulate metabolism, counteract muscle cramps and strengthen the immune system. From 6:00 p.m.  the Vitality Springs  are to the guests of the SpaArea & Sauna (textile-free, from 16 J.) at the disposa.

Three different healing effects
34 - 36 °C
27 - 32 m²
Thermal healing water with minerals like in the Dead Sea, Selenium-Iodine & Calcium
Therme Erding Schwefeltopf

Sulphur Pot

Our Sulphur Pot is currently unavailable due to renovation work.

Enjoy the healing effect of our state-approved thermal water in the 40 - 42°C warm sulphur pot. The sulphur- and fluoride-containing Ardeo-source is available to you in highest concentration and has an especially soothing effect on rheumatic complaints, joint diseases and skin problems.

Star-shaped sitting bath
40 °C
20 m²
Thermal healing water with fluoride

Whirlpool Terraces

Our Whirlpool Terraces is currently unavailable due to renovation work.

On 3 levels, our whirlpools in the Bali garden of the VitalityOasis invite you to gentle open-air massages in the bubbling thermal water. Our tip: from 9 p.m. onwards, let our Vitality Team pamper you with a free glass of sparkling wine from Terra Serena while you relax in the sparkling wirlpool terraces.

Bubble nozzles & colour play
36 °C
6,3 m²
Thermal healing water
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