Warmth Attractions

Anyone who appreciates the positive aspects of taking a sauna but does not want to take off their swimwear will find a place to relax in the various textile saunas of the VitalityOasis. Our feel-good programme with various infusions and caring masks provides variety and comforting warmth.


Relax with singing bowl treatments or tea ceremonies in the largest ball sauna in the world and let yourself be carried away by exotic infusions and the sounds of the rainforest in the steam bath into a tropical world.

Jungle Lodge

Discover textile saunas in our Jungle Lodge and let exotic infusions and beauty treatments like shea butter whisk you away to a small jungle paradise. Tropical temperatures (65 °C) and the view of a paradisiacal jungle panorama provide a special feel-good atmosphere and let you relax wonderfully.

Jungle panorama
65 °C

Meditation House

Treat yourself to a break and listen to the harmonious sounds of meditative music, while natural materials and soft light create a feeling of security. The daily relaxation programme also includes fragrant infusions, small surprises such as iced smoothies or soothing relaxation exercises to take part in.

Aromatic scents
70 °C
30 %


A highlight is the light production in the middle of the five-metre-high dome, under which various lighting elements immerse the ball sauna in magical light. Flexible play of colours and a unique feeling of space make sweating at temperatures around 70 °C an experience. Enjoy daily pleasant fragrance journeys, singing bowl applications and tea ceremonies.

Light production
70 °C
20-30 %


What sounds like a jungle adventure has recently become part of the VitalityOasis wellness programme. In the new steam bath you can expect a stylish tropical rain as well as an exotic beauty offer with a soothing body peeling and rich vital earth. The moist rainforest air and warm mist promote rapid sweating at gentle temperatures and open the pores for optimum absorption of the care products.

45 °C
100 %
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