Kids´ Pool : Therme Erding

Kids´ Pool

Even the little ones can enjoy the 34°C curative geothermal spa water in the Tropical Spa area. In the 20 to 45 cm-deep children's pool they can play, splash and frolic, while mum, dad or the grandparents lay back on one of the nearby benches. Water jets and other fun attractions are enormous fun for kids, and there are any number of them here just waiting to be discovered!


Baby swimming & swimming courses 
Water is an essential part of life. That is why it is important to introduce children to this element gently from very early on. Water helps with motor skill and emotional development, while also increasing the child's confidence in its parents. Here, children learn to swim in a fun way with professional help. 
Discover our wide range of swimming courses for babies and children between 4 months and 7 years. 


Forgotten to bring a swim nappy for your child? No problem!
Use our free nappy service while at THERME ERDING, supported generously by the drugstore chain dm and HIPP. There is a nappy-changing room near the children's pool and there are nappy-changing tables in the changing rooms.
Please make sure that the little ones do wear a swimming nappy when in the pools. You can buy them in the entrance foyer at "Badhaus Gruber" and the "THERME ERDING Shop".

Family changing rooms
Discover our spacious and family-friendly changing rooms, complete with big lockers for all your belongings.