Warmth attractions : Therme Erding

Warmth attractions

Warmth gives a feeling of comfort, has a soothing effect, and puts you in a holiday mood. In short: warmth does a body good! In the Tropical Spa area and adjoining VitalityOasis (for guests over 16), you can enjoy a variety of healthy warmth attractions for your own personal wellness experience.

For example, treat yourself to the gentle heat of an infrared application, and let the sunny, bright light infuse you with new energy and lighten your spirits. You are in the mood for a little more? Then cleanse and pamper your skin with an aromatic body peeling in the warm vapours of the steam bath.

Those who appreciate the positive aspects of the sauna, but would rather not shed their bathing costumes, will find a place to relax in our various apparel saunas. Our wellness programme provides variety and cosy warmth.

Tropical Spa Area

(textile Spa- & Family area)


(textile Spa area, for guests over 16)