Further attractions : Therme Erding

Further attractions

Treat yourself to a holiday tan any time of the year: A visit to the Solarium cures the winter blues and prevents Vitamin D deficiency. How about a bit of that seaside feel? Let a water-light installation entrance you while the Massage Lounger softly massages your back. Natural sandy tones and maritime decorative elements turn the room into a special feel-good oasis.

A visit to the SeaClimate Cabin is like a walk by the seaside. The combination of ionized air, sole, and infrared heat is soothing and beneficial at the same time. Life is better in flip-flops? Even better barefoot! Experience our barefoot path in the spa garden with your bare feet and a lot of feeling!


For those who can't completely do without the screen, our Sky Lounge is available for football broadcasts and the Xbox Island for exciting games.