Foot reflex parcours : Therme Erding

Foot reflex parcours

Gentle hills shape the idyllic appearance of the Tuscany - and the landscape around the innovative foot reflex parcours. In the relaxation room "Journey of the senses" you start the journey through your body and activate your super strength: self-healing. Barefoot and step by step you will be guided through six vital areas of your body, including neck, heart and kidneys.

The stations of the Tyrolean company Full Balance, equipped with differently shaped natural stones, stimulate and activate specific foot reflex zones when walking on - with the help of one's own body weight. This promotes blood circulation and sustainably improves the function of the target organ.

The course not only has a relaxing and pain-relieving effect, but also gives your feet a well-deserved relaxation massage. Almost as beautiful as a barefoot hike in the picturesque heart of the Tuscany.




Therme Erding: Foot reflex parcours

Specially created for the Therme Erding, the foot reflex parcours takes you step by step through six vital areas of your body. The Full Balance foot reflex zone massage stimulates the blood circulation, has a relaxing effect, activates your self-healing powers and gives your feet a well-deserved relaxation massage.