Big Wave : Therme Erding

It's finally there: The Big Wave

It is the ultimate highlight in summer: The new tyre slide The Big Wave redefines the fun of sliding in summer. Germany's first open air tyre slide with the two slide attractions "Urknall" and "Sidewinder" for a worldwide unique sliding pleasure! When you can feel your pulse at the start, feel the wind, your heart starts to beat faster and you think: "Should I or should I not?", then you are at the beginning of a speedy adventure ride full of fun and adrenaline.

After the start from a height of 18 metres, the trail first descends and then reaches the spectacular "Urknall". There you swing back and forth up to 9 times and experience roller coaster feeling at its best. After the following rapid cornering, the unique Sidewinder follows, in which the enthusiastic guests swing once again from time to time.

Adventure heart, what more do you want?

Age limit: from 10 years
Weight limit: 40 to 100 kg
Tyres: one tyre and also two tyres for 2 persons


The Big Wave is open from approx. 1 pm to 6 pm on weekdays, on weekends from approx. 12 to 6 pm in good weather conditions (about 18 degrees, little wind, no or little rain).


All informations and the BigWave can be found here.