Whirlpool Terraces : Therme Erding

Whirlpool Terraces

Arranged at different levels, three whirlpools in the Bali Garden invite you to enjoy the gentle massage of warm jets of water under the open skies. 

Framed by green bamboo and elegantly fitted into robust volcanic rock, the organically shaped pools make you feel you are bathing in the hot springs of Bali’s volcanic landscape. Let the sun play on your face, watch the tranquil sunset, or feel the curative powers of the thermal water under the stars. The Whirlpool Terraces are well worth an excursion any time of the day or night. 

For an extra dose of effervescent goodness, our Vitality Team will indulge you every day at 9:00pm with a glass of sparkling wine by Terra Serena. You’ll be bubbling with happiness!