Cooling off : Therme Erding

Cooling off

A pleasant cooling ritual after a sauna visit is part of any complete sauna experience. But we recommend that you take in the Kneipp treading pool or the bucket shower only after you have made your way out into the fresh air. Waterfall showers are a splashy adventure, and we have a lot of them: Discover for yourself the Calla blossoms in the Calla Kaskaden, the rock showers in our outdoor area, or the waterfall showers in Stonehenge. Other adventure showers are available in the Calla Kaskaden in the form of tunnel showers outside of the sole tunnel, or across from the Citrussauna. There you will also find the Nebelfelsen – a gentle water experience with steam. Especially bold or experienced sauna goers might also dare to take the “plunge” into one of four sauna diving pools.

Spa Area & Saunas

(textile-free Spa & Sauna area, for guests over 16)