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Health Attractions

The Therme Erding offers a variety of free health and beauty treatments to do your body good outside of health baths and relaxing massages

Our infrared cabins from Physiotherm offer deep, soothing warmth, while the sunny, cheering light gives you new energy and a good mood. Would you like something more? Then cleanse and pamper your skin with a fragrant body peeling in the warm mist of the steam bath or improve your blood circulation with a foot reflex zone massage.  Cleansing mask & caring peelings are available daily free of charge at the health bar and also at the bamboo bar in the VitalityOasis (textile, from 16 years).

Therme Erding Gesundheitsbar
Therme Erding Aqua Workout

Free additional offers

In the Tropical Spa & Water Park you can enjoy numerous free additional offers every day. Pamper yourself at our mask counter at the health bar or take the chance for an effective aqua workout in the thermal pool. Discover our varied daily programme and use our free additional offers to arrange your thermal spa day according to your individual ideas.


The application is considered to be particularly gentle on the circulation and strengthens the immune system, which is why even children can experience the pleasant warmth of this low-temperature textile sauna with an atmospheric change of light. Wellness is celebrated here with the whole family.

Circulatory-friendly saunas
50 %
65 °C
Opposite the Fountain of Youth

Crystal Salt Chamber

At a room temperature of approx. 25 °C, the finest brine mist has a healing effect on the respiratory tract and cares for the skin. The application is therefore particularly recommended for respiratory diseases and neurodermatitis. By adding fragrances such as mint and menthol, a visit to the crystal salt room refreshes the mind and counteracts signs of stress and fatigue.

Finest brine mist
53 %
25 °C
Opposite the lounger meadow
Therme Erding Steam Bath

Onyx-Steam Bath

Dive in and relax in the steam bath of the Tropical Spa at 100 % relative humidity and a pleasant 45°C. The warm, rising mist in combination with refreshing scents lets you breathe deeply and noticeably increases your well-being.

Healing steam
100 %
45 °C
Opposite the Kneipp course
Therme Erding Fußreflex Parcours

Foot Reflexology Parcours

The stations of the Tyrolean company Full Balance, equipped with differently shaped natural stones, stimulate and activate specific foot reflex zones when walking on - with the help of one's own body weight. This promotes blood circulation and sustainably improves the function of the target organ. The course not only has a relaxing and pain-relieving effect, but also gives your feet a well-deserved relaxation massage.

Gentle foot reflex zone massage
Located at the sensory journey
Therme Erding Barefoot Path

Barefoot Path

Experience our barefoot path in the Tropical Spa Garden with your bare feet and a lot of feeling! Natural woods, differently shaped stones or soft bark mulch are waiting to be explored. And best of all: barefoot walking is not only fun, it is also healthy! Because walking on bare feet stimulates the cardiovascular system, activates your foot reflex zones and prevents back damage through regular use. In addition, the direct contact of the soles of the feet with the ground helps to reduce stress and has a relaxing effect.

Natural materials
Tropical Spa Garden
Therme Erding Infrared Cabin

Infrared Cabins

Our Infrared cabins provide soothing deep heat. You will also enjoy the heavenly warmth at our "Hot Stone"-Back Therapy Lamps of the VitalityOasis (for guests over 16) or under the warming clouds of the Tropical Spa: Unwind on one of our comfortable Relax-Loungers, while savouring the positive effect of the infrared lamps above you. The sunny-bright light revives you with new energy and good spirits! Apart from infrared cabins and warming lamps, you may also use one of several Back Therapy Lamps for your deep heat treatment.

Infrared deep heat
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