Infusion Sauna : Therme Erding

Infusion Sauna

An infusion sauna has a central sauna oven. Ice (water) enriched with special aromas is distributed evenly over the hot sauna rocks in several rounds. This conjures an intensive experience for the senses: the perceived sweat level and sauna temperature are higher than in a dry sauna environment, and the aromas can have a stimulating or soothing effect. We celebrate different infusions in 13 of our 27 saunas. These range from double infusion with two guides in the Kelosauna to show infusions with music and light effects in the Citrussauna, all the way to essential oil aroma infusions in the Villa Toscana. Choose the number of sauna infusions you feel comfortable with – we recommend a good balance between sweating, cooling off, and resting. 

Spa area & Saunas

(textile-free Spa area, for guests over 16)