Russische Banja : Therme Erding

Russische Banja

With enough room for over 100 guests, this sauna is considered the world’s largest wood cabin Banja worldwide. Even approaching the Banja from the outside, you are transported to bitter-cold Siberia, particularly in winter when the “snow makers” of the Wilder Kaiser-Brixental ski resort create a white winter wonderland around the Banja. Surrounded by the impressive natural stems of Siberian pine, you will dive into the Russian sauna tradition as soon as you step inside. The choir sings "Kalinka" and the Banja masters celebrate the Wenik infusion in classic Russian style with bundled birch branches. The fragrance of fresh birch extract permeates the room. The temperature of about 70 °C and the high relative humidity make the warmth in the Russian Banja even more effective.