Roman Sauna : Therme Erding

Roman Sauna

The first lovingly designed themed area you enter after stepping inside our Sauna World encompasses three Roman saunas. The mildly tempered sweating rooms Caldarium, Laconium, and Tepidarium whisk you away to a world of Roman bathhouse culture. Like Rome’s Caracalla Spa, the Roman saunas focus on a gentle sauna experience. If you would like to visit the three attractions in turn – beginning with the “coolest” sauna, the Tepidarium – be sure to bring enough time for the health effects like immune boost, breakdown of metabolic by-products, and relief of muscle tension to unfold their full benefit. For those who love small themed saunas at the lower end of the temperature spectrum, a visit to the Roman sauna is a must.

Spa area & Saunas

(textile-free Spa & Sauna area, for guests over 16)