Spa Area & Saunas

Sauna is completely redefined with us! Experience the combination of holistic wellness and healthy sweating without swimwear. In over 28 lovingly themed saunas and steam baths you can embark on a journey around the world.


Please note that due to the current situation, infusions are made without waving and the available places per sauna are limited to maintain the minimum distance of 1,5 m. Currently, at certain infusion ceremonies in the Spa Area & Saunas (textile-free, from 16 years of age), chips are given out in advance for the actions. You can pick them up at Paradise Point 45 minutes before the start and secure your place for the respective infusion. Further information can be found on our infusion board on site.


Join us on a rustic journey through the Alps or discover traditional Siberian saunas in the Russian Banja as well as the Roman bathing culture and the flair of Tuscany.


If you are looking for something special, you can book an upgrade for your stay with a private lounge in our Royal Day Spa and enjoy an exclusive service arrangement.


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Experience the variety of the textile-free spa area & saunas and enjoy a journey through our 28 uniquely themed heat attractions. Cool down after a hot sauna session in our Calla cascades and enjoy the healing effects of a warm thermal healing water. Look forward to your well-deserved break! Our entrance vouchers with access to the spa area & saunas are available from € 40.