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Wave pool & Tropical Spa

From a depth of 2.3 km our state-approved thermal healing water gushes out to do you good in almost all our pools and to guarantee varied bathing fun for the whole family. 

In the large thermal pool, bubble loungers, massage jets and the current channel are waiting to be discovered, while Caribbean sounds conjure up rhythm in the free aqua courses. Afterwards relax with a fruity cocktail at our pool bars or on your private lounger before you move on to the Galaxy Slide World or drift away in the wild current channel of the Crazy River.


Wave Lagoon

With five different wave strengths - from gentle waves to waves two metres high - adventurers big and small will find their personal paradise and feel like on holiday by the sea.

5 wave intesities
34 °C
742 m²
Thermal healing water
Therme Erding Bubbly Whirlpool
Therme Erding Lighthouse Bar

Bubbly Whirlpool

The bubbly whirlpool in the Palm Garden is a tingling experience: powerful bubble jets and the healing 34 °C thermal water revitalize body and soul. Meanwhile, enjoy a delicious South Seas cocktail at our maritime lighthouse pool bar.

35 °C
58 m² m²
Thermal healing water

Tropical Spa Pool

Our great Spa Pool offers both indoors and out a broad variety of water attractions, like the current canal, bubbling loungers and massage jets. At the two Pool Bars, an exotic refreshment awaits.

Moveable glass dome
34 °C
840 m²
Thermal healing water

Wavepool Outdoor Pool

In the 34°C outdoor pool, revitalising bubbling loungers massage you and the exotic pool bar "Diamond Bay" serves you freshly pressed juices, cocktails and other refreshments all year round.

Roofed pool bar
34 °C
534 m²
Thermal healing water

Crazy River

A flowing current that will always surprise you! Turbulent then gentle, the 80 m long Crazy River carries swimmers from the indoor area to the large outdoor pool. Float along with the current or rest on one of the four water islands with massage and bubbly seats.

Rapid current
34 °C
322 m²
Thermal healing water

Kids Pools

With us even the youngest get their money's worth. Whether indoors or outdoors, Kids Pools offer young water addicts the opportunity to play and splash around. Kids pools can be found in the Tropical Spa Area, the Wave pool Area, in the Galaxy Water Slide World and next to the large Outdoor Pool.

Water games
29-34 °C
40-68 m²
Thermal healing water in low concentration

Orchid Whirlpool

Our 38 °C warm orchid whirlpool in the Tropical Spa invites wellness lovers of any age to relax. Surrounded by a dreamlike vacation setting, the bubble jets provide soothing relaxation and unforgettable feel-good moments under palm trees.

bubble jets
38 °C
2,1 m²
Thermal healing water
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Healing Baths

Fountain of Youth

A bath in the Fountain of Youth helps with degenerative joint pain, rheumatism, diseases of the spine, arthritis, skin problems as well as accident and sports injuries. 63 °C hot spring water bubbles up from the highest point of the modern fountain construction.

Stone fountain
38 °C
12 m²
Thermal healing water

Spring Bowl

A visit to the 36°C Spring Bowl revitalizes tired bodies and minds. Surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants, the warm water invigorates your body, speeds up your metabolism and helps it soak up the trace elements in the water. Your skin cells are also being activated, resulting in a smooth, youthful skin.

Tropische Atmosphäre
36 °C
18 m²
Therme Erding Sulphur Tub

Sulphur Tubs

The 40 °C Sulphur Tubs offer our state-certified thermal water from the Ardeo Spring with sulphur and fluoride in their highest concentration. Particularly guests with rheumatic conditions and joint problems, circulatory diseases and skin problems will benefit from the healing effect of the original water from the depths of the earth.

Star-shaped sitting bath
40 °C
20 m²
Thermal healing water with fluoride

Brine Grotto

With its natural salt content, the 35°C Brine Grotto is ideal for counteracting colds, respiratory and skin problems. We also recommend a dip in this pool if you have rheumatic or joint pains, low blood pressure or are prone to infection.

35 °C
18 m²
Thermal healing water with Himalayan salt

Vitality Grotto

Enriched with magnesium and calcium, the spring water of the Ardeo spring develops its individual healing effect. It relieves muscle cramps, counteracts numbness, stimulates the metabolism and inhibits inflammation. It is also recommended to stay in the vital source in cases of thyroid dysfunction or circulatory diseases.

Source of the spring
35 °C
18 m²
Thermal healing water with magnesium & calcium

Kneipp Course

Water-treading keeps you fit! The alternation between warm and cold stimulates the blood circulation, strenghtens the immune system, increases the overall wellbeing, and promotes the blood flow for a sound sleep at night.

3 treading pools
22-35 °C
Thermal healing water
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