Journey for the Senses : Therme Erding

Journey for the Senses

In the “Sinnesreise” room, a Journey for the Senses, you can let nature's pharmacy rain down on you in a boon of light and colours. Try it yourself by observing how red, blue, green and sunlight affect your mood and sense of wellbeing?

Red is an invigorating colour that imparts energy, strong will, determination and increases stamina. Red picks you up, warms, speeds up the blood flow and activates your metabolism.

Blue is the colour of peace, calm and truth. Blue light relaxes and calms, promotes tranquillity and equalises the body temperature. It also relieves feelings of fear and helps against sleeplessness.

Green is the colour of inner harmony and balance, of abundance and growth. Green light promotes regeneration and relaxation, gives strength, hope, self confidence and calms the nerves.

Journey for the Senses invites you to enjoy coloured light experiences and soothing infrared heat lamps.